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The Resin Bound system consists of a mix of of dried decorative aggregate and a two part resin binder system that are blended together in a forced action mixer ensuring that every particle is coated with resin.

Once thoroughly mixed, the mixture is then spread evenly across the existing surface of concrete or tarmac and finally troweled by hand to leave a smooth finish ensuring no loose aggregate. The Resin Bound gravel is fully cured within 24 hours and you are left with a highly decorative surface.

Resin Bound driveways are not just beautiful to look at they are also extremely tough and durable and require little in the way of maintenance. Regular sweeping and the occasional power wash will help the driveway retain it's natural beauty.

Our Resin Bound kits come in two different types, UV-Stable and Non-UV, you can find out a little more information here 


The Resin Bound system forms a fully permeable surface allowing water to permeate through


Due to it's permeable properties the Resin Bound system mimics natural draining processes


Resin Bound driveways offer superb slip resistance and a high-degree of traction for vehicle use


An experienced team of installers can lay up to 200 square metres per day and given the simplicity the system can be laid by a complete novice

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